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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  January 17, 2014 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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don't forget start with, every weekend morning at fox and flindz. have a great weekend gochlting to be broncos and >> what were they thinking or were they thinking? this is so off the charts stupid. six-hour live web event trying to get young people to sign up for obamacare, the marathon quickly turned into well there are no word. you will have to see it for yourself. ♪ without you by my side ♪ ♪
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♪ get covered #covered ♪ ♪ uh-huh >> i feel inspired to tell my friend to sign up on? line. >> uncovered. >> gina loudon joins us. that its supposed to get young people to seen up for health care in california, what do you think? >> if that its the case, greta, the generation gap is worse nan i thought. i can't imagine who would be attracted to a six-hour long infomercial. aren't we talking about instant gratification generation? generation of sound bites who want everything fast. they decide to put on a six-hour long infomercial with an old guy in red tights twerking to "i will survive." i don't see where they were going with this? >> before we get to the point of
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a cost, an issue. i read nora rockman who writes for mediaite. millenials must suppose they're idiots if they think this is an effective we to get them to buy health care. >> would you not be insulted itif there was a wealth distribution ploy, this is, saying hey you take all your money and invest it into three generations ahead of you into their viagra or whatever. then they views richardmmons from that generation to tell you you should open up your pocketbook and subsidize him. makes no sense. if i were them. i would be so offended by this. >> you have to admit, almost like a freak show in the sense you can't pull your eyes off it. so bizarre. let me tell you what this noah
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rockman said. it's psychologically scarring to watch this. >> yeah. it is. god bless richard simmons, but the stability, mental stability has been sort of, i want to say politely, but questionable. this is the person that we're parading out to say here's what you go for? i don't know. just not even -- firing any synapses for me. i can't get there. >> i won't go as far as what you said about richard simmons. i will say, the idea, state of california got $80 million for part of the pr blitz for obamacare for their exchange. $80 million. imagine if they had given $80 million to young people in california to pay the first year of the premium. >> straight forward and direct. handing them. writing checks. can we bribe you to go ahead and sign up for coverage in
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california sechlems like a more honest aproechon a honest apapproach. how bout an intelligent conversati conversation. but the bottom line they started with a website that was failed, overpriced now. they're going to marketing that is going to fail and everpriove. this is all other people's money. taxpayers money spending on this. there are no limits. >> that's what the tea party has been up in arms abut that fout long time. other people's money. if they spent other people's money in what might be kidded effective manner. this isn't just one person coming up with this idea to. put this together. we're in california to find so many people to seen off on this. thought this would a good idea.
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who put it together? who rented the space? who its the producer? who signs the checks? this idea to attract young people to buy health care. this went through a lot of people. >> yeah. and if you really look at it and watch it, it wasn't very well produced. it doesn't look like they had any sort of a real script or agenda or anything they were going by. no outline. it was random and flowing and wandering and you were trying to get where they were going with it. millennials weren't going to follow that for more than a few minutes anyway as we all know. it's almost like they were saying how much money can we spend and how fast can we spend it. that's the feeling you get with obamacare's marketing team generally speaking anyway, i think. >> i suspect that this cost a fortune, but it still is what i find so perplexing is who in his right mind thought that this --
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let's get richard simmons and do something real weird, did it on the web, send some money as long as it's not our own and this will bring in these people in droves, young people are going to sign up for health care based on this. who even comes up with these ideas? i can't get over that. >> i can't either, greta. the thing i don't understand is if it's such a great product and such a great idea, something this country has been in need of for as long as the left has been complaining that we're in need of it, then why can't the product do a little selling of itself? does it really take $80 million to market this to millennials to say we need you to subsidize the older generation and the things that they need. how about if it's such a great product we are straight forward
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with the product, this is what you'll get, this is what you need to spend and this should connect, right? they know it's not a great product and they know it's automatically redistribution that the millennials aren't going to want when they catch on. they're waking a sleeping giant and pretty soon the millennials are going to wake up to this and it's going to turn into a nightmare for them. >> even if you were to believe this is a good idea to do, the problem is you have to need the product in order to buy it. i'm not sure that putting this health care together, they even contemplated the fact that most young people don't think they're going to need this kind of -- they think they're healthy, they're not going to need this. insurance is really for someone who is older, a lot of wear and tear on his or her body. i'll wait until i'm 45 to buy it. the young people, the ones we need to buy it, they may think it's a grand product and like this video for all i know, but unless they have a need for it, they're not going to buy it. >> that's it, greta.
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the beauty of all this is i think they're creating a generation of capitalists who are going to understand things like supply and demand because they're going to have had something pushed at them that they didn't want, didn't want to pay for and couldn't afford when it all shook out. what they're doing here might be handing a great big favor to the folks on the other side who have always believed in the free market system and in capitalism to begin with. >> we'll see if this video goes viral and see if it's a huge elixir in the sense it gets people to run out and sign up for health care. gina, thank you very much. >> thank you, greta. the very controversial reverend jeremiah wright making more inflammatory and assaulting comments. listen to what he told the chicago teachers union at their martin luther king breakfast.
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>> we need to teach the truth about our politicians from bush to barack obama. it's not about the person but the policies of this government. i'll teach you a news piece. king said, i have a dream. barack obama said i have a drone. we need to teach the truth about our politics. every tuesday morning there is a kill list. the president decides who he's going to kill this week. >> why did the chicago teachers union invite reverend wright to speak. christine maley joins us, good evening. >> good evening, greta. >> i think that reverend wright is just about the last person i would ever invite to a martin luther king breakfast. he did so much to unite and heal and reverend wright does the
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exact opposite. your response? >> we invited dr. wright because he does embody the ideals of dr. king. he spoke about dr. king being taken out of context and being used in sound bites and we have to look at the bigger message, that we need to research and learn about the truth of what was really happening and the true spirit of martin luther king because he was sanitized by the media. >> is it taking it out of context that reverend wright at the martin luther king breakfast makes fun of the president, said martin luther king's speech, i've got a dream, and then he makes a crack about i've got a drone about president obama and then he makes a crack about arnie duncan, the secretary of education at a teachers breakfast in which he says the
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reason why secretary arnie duncan, who has got a long history of education, whether you agree or not, said he was chosen as a good hook shot playing basketball with barack hussein obama? >> arnie duncan has no education experience. >> that's not true. he's got a very rich background in education. >> he has a degree in social work from harvard. he's never taught and he doesn't have a background in education. so, that's what dr. wright is talking about, looking at the bigger picture, not taking just the sound bites and looking into the truth. >> if you go through any of the sound bites, any of them,
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reverend wright makes the most racist marks about the people. he's not there to unite ever. if i wanted to draw people together, literally he's the last person i would choose. he is the antithesis of people like martin luther king or mandela. why do you want to divide and raise vitriol and associate with martin luther king. >> he is embodying martin luther king and during his speech which we have on our website, you can watch the whole thing and watch it in context and not the sound bites. look at the readings he references. dr. king was a lot more controversial than people want to know. you have to read his writings beyond the i have a dream speech. that's exactly what his speech was about, why would we sanitize him, let's see what he was really about. things are not as simple as sound bites. >> well, if you want to impress -- i know there are huge problems with education in chicago and a lot of our marriage cities, but if you want to do that, i suggest next year you take a look around and find somebody else. i think you made a huge pr
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mistake for your organization and i regret it. i'm going to take the last word on that. christine, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> straight ahead, is the obama administration cooking the books? senator tim scott is here to talk about that next. music stops ♪ music resumes ♪ ♪ [announcer] if your dog n dream it, [whistle] purina pro plan can help him achieve it. nutrition that performs.
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tonight the big question is president obama and the obama administration cooking >>tonight the big question is president obama and the obama administration cooking the books? some of the obamacare enrollment numbers are raising eyebrows. senator tim scott joins us. good evening. >> thank you, greta. good to be with us. >> the "washington post" had an article saying warning ignore
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claims that 3.9 people signed up for medicare because of obamacare. warning that the numbers aren't quite what they say. your thoughts? >> i think if you think about it in reverse you may find the truth in the pudding. one of the ways i look at it is if there was no obamacare, how many enrollees would have signed up. my understanding is we would have 300,000 or 400,000 signed up. if i were in charge of this health care rollout and there were 6 million americans losing their coverage, millions more seeing deductibles going up and out of pocket expenses going up, i would not try to cook the numbers. it seems like people are looking
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for ways to make sure there is a different approach taken. >> i look at it differently. the obama administration is excited about 3.9 million. the "washington post" says those numbers are incorrect. but those are medicaid which means that the taxpayers are supplementing. behind that 3.9 million are people living in poverty because our economy is so sluggish and there aren't jobs. it's rather shameful the bigger that number grows because it means we are failing so much in getting this economy going and getting jobs. i wouldn't be bragging about the numbers if i were the obamacare on medicaid. >> one of the reasons why we are rolling out our opportunity agendas is we recognize that there are three components for us solving the generational
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poverty. family formation, education and skills. what we've decided to focus our attention on are ways for us to help people improve their incomes by improving their skills. that's one of the key components of our skills act. the other thing we've recognized is so many folks in the lower end of the chain have the lowest levels of education. we help people achieve academically so they can help themselves achieve from an income standpoint. >> we have had a dismal jobs report in december, the most recent one, so the people who have to go to medicaid can't get jobs to rise up a little bit in terms of perhaps getting a subsidy and doing a partial payment on health care. there just aren't those jobs. >> when we celebrate 74,000 jobs created in a 30-day period of time, the worst number in three years, we need to take a look at the numbers coming out of the government. what i ask people to do is take a serious look at the impact of
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these low numbers, few jobs being created, more people not looking for work than finding work. we are in a very challenging situation in this country. >> senator, thank you, sir. >> thank you. coming up, one horrified father thought it had to be a prank, a poster listing explicit sex acts hanging in his young daughter's classroom. turns out it wasn't a prank. what's going on in that school? you're going to hear from that outraged father next.
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how far is too far? outraged parents say a kansas how far is too far?kansas outraged parents say a kansas middle school is taking sex ed to an extreme. one father was horrified when he saw the poster hanging in his 13-year-old daughter's classroom, the poster listing explicit sex acts. what's going on? mark ellis joins us. good evening. >> good evening. >> tell me what happened.
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>> last friday, our 13-year-old daughter came home and she had a picture on her phone that she had taken at school. she walked in the kitchen, showed it to my wife and i. it had this poster that everyone has been talking about. we looked at each other and just couldn't believe it. >> did you have any idea that this was going to be -- that this poster -- it was science class, right, not a health class? >> it was a science class, yes, it was. >> did you call the school and what did the school say? >> well, at first i really wanted to believe that it may be a prank from another student. i e-mailed the principal that following monday. he returned my call tuesday and informed me that it was not a prank, and that it was an approved portion of curriculum during the school district.
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>> what was the purpose of the class, the science class, if it's not a health class? >> as far as we know, what we've heard is it was supposed to be a sexual education class, but was supposed to be on abstinence. >> they give a menu of choices. it sounds like an options class, not abstinence. >> that's exactly what i thought, too. >> the school, the school district has said they've suspended the use of this apparently, so apparently you've had some impact. it says they've suspended the use of the making a difference instructional resource supplement, whatever that is. i guess that's this poster? >> yes, it is. >> have you had a chance to --
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what did your daughter say about this? >> well, my daughter, she -- i'm glad she did this. we asked her why she took the picture of it and her exact words were, "it was weird" and she just didn't think that that should be at school. >> how old is your daughter? >> she's 13. >> at no time prior to seeing this poster the school ever called and said we would like to have this added to our curriculum, nothing like that? >> nothing like that. in years past, we've received letters that they were going to touch on sexual education and this year we received nothing. >> any other parents upset, or were you the only one as far as you know? >> i have -- a couple of parents have reached out to me per social media and they were upset as well to know that this was going on. there is almost 50/50, some parents think it's okay but there are a lot who are outraged. >> the statement from the school district also said the poster is intended to be part of a
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contextual classroom instruction, whatever that means. i don't know what that is. >> i don't know what that is either. again, they said it was on abstinence and tried to justify it a number of times. >> mark, thank you very much for joining us. >> thanks for having me. coming up, the video we can't stop watching. what's our political panel think of richard simmons' performance in the obamacare marathon? they'll be here to tell you next. ?
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>> we have a lot of other people coming on here. i'm not the only one coming on about getting health insurance. you can hear a lot of messages. maybe one of them will be -- mother! daughter! mother! daughter! >> yes, that really happened, a six-hour live event to sell obamacare to young people with that video and live performance. joining us our political panel
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who are expects. abc news political director rick kline. what's up with this? >> it's ridiculous. it's one of the silliest things you'll ever watch, has nothing to do with health care whatsoever. the benefit if there is one is it has the potential to go viral, you won't believe what richard simmons does in this video. >> do they know who richard simmons is? >> i think they do, even if just to make fun of him. they're going to get the word out any way we can, if that means making insanely ridiculous videos and a couple people click on it, i guess it's a success at the end of the day. that's weird. >> it would be nice if we called it camp. it's what "saturday night live" could have done with the let's get covered conference in california.
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two guys, one the pathetic dancer and one is a good dancer and they end up on the floor and one is richard simmons. i know all too well who he is because i'm ancient but those people have no idea, the people that they're trying to target. >> you said he was a good dancer. i haven't even gotten past that. >> i think richard's competitor had a few better moves than the red tights split on the floor, this guy. >> on record, a.b. stoddard likes his dancing. >> it's good getting that down. >> john, you're in the age group, almost or about or around there. does this make you want to run home and sign up for obamacare? >> i don't think so. i'm skeptical that any ads are going to convince people to do something that might not be in their economic interest.
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i don't believe the government is spending $700 million in this ad campaign. maybe this is getting viral clicks but for a tenth of that money they can get a lot better product out there. >> have you ever been at parties with friends in your age group and everyone says, hey, i wonder what richard simmons thinks about health care? >> i can't recall. it's possible. >> who comes up with these ideas? who did? >> i don't have a good answer to that. can we get to the bottom of why richard simmons is dancing at all? there is a value just in getting buzz these days in something like this. people might pay attention because it's ridiculous. >> it's one thing to pay attention but another to think like, this really inspires me. i now see the importance. >> is this convincing? it's true, it's great to have magic johnsson. if they can get the best, most sought after, most successful stars to actually be in that campaign, people that young people would really listen to and engage with, they would have them. obviously they're trying to get them and they haven't come up with enough people and they're using richard simmons.
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they need to have goals and they don't. >> i'm not sure whether i like richard simmons' red tights letter or tom delay's red pants in "dancing with the stars." is the irs trying to target conservative groups again? what's going on with the irs and the tea party thinks they're after them again. >> there have been new rules floated that they're going to change the way that 501c4s would be judged based on what constitutes campaign spending and what doesn't. this could cause problems for them in terms of putting out issue ads.
11:35 pm
if they simply mention a candidate's name from a close time period to the election, that would count as a campaign contribution. i talked to one republican operative and his point was the guys on the right and the left have rich lawyers, they're going to figure this out. the people who are going to get hurt are the small tea party groups. the tax code is riddled with loopholes and organizations. >> rick, it applies to everybody. they didn't pass this rule as it applies to tea party. on the other side of the spectrum there are people equally as vulnerable. >> there are loopholes and people are going to be just as upset about this new enforcement mechanism. what's interesting is we've gotten more press on the right
11:36 pm
because of the tea party targeting. that's an active investigation, there are still members of congress interested in that. there was a big push as part of this budget agreement that just passed to try to delay this rule for at least a year. we know from reporting inside the room that democrats were resistant to that. they wanted these rules to go in. republicans ended up having to relent and the bill was signed without that change. >> it's going to affect the smaller donors, the very wealthy who might donate. they can afford it or get around it or whatever but it affects people on the lower end of the political spectrum trying to exercise their free speech. >> that's right. congress champ, the chairman of the ways and means committee said they're going to be put out of business by this rules change and unions are under a different classification, under 501 c5 i believe. they will not be crippled the way the 501 c4s will.
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>> that doesn't seem fair. >> no. john is right. there is going to be big groups that influence the outcomes. democrats do not have a chance to take the house back this fall, they just don't, barring the unforeseen. it's unlikely to have an impact anyway. it's interesting about how much action the establishment has taken against small tea party groups and how much they're picking a fight with them. you don't see them running to the rescue of them either. >> panel, stay with us, but first is there a new war on women? plus is a case of hollywood hypocrisy or not? harvey weinstein cashing in on some of the most violent films but now taking on the nra. you're hear from our panel coming up. iolent films but now taking on the nra. you're hear from our panel coming up. [ male announcer ] here's a question for you: is your tv powered by coal? natural gas? nuclear? or renewables like solar... and wind? let's find out. this is where america's electricity comes from.
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a diversity of energy sources helps ensure the electricity we need is reliable. take the energy quiz. energy lives here.
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minute. what's up with this? where are all the democratic women? >> where are all the democratic women? i was doing research on issues and stumbled across the facts. there are four republican governors. governor martinez, governor fallon, governor haley, and governor jan brewer of arizona. but, uh-oh, democrats, one woman democrating governor, the governor of new hampshire. so, 8% of governors are republican women, not a huge percentage, not much. not as dismal as democrats,
11:41 pm
republicans are going to hammer you with that war on women comment within your own party. that's my off the record comment tonight. coming up -- jeb bush has a message for his mother. you heard from barbara bush said, she hopes her son does not run for president. now you'll want to hear what jeb bush says back to her.
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>> you're pretty good with that shut gun. >> not that i have to be in this range. >> i'm better than annie oakley and i have you right in my sight. >> box office block busters often have lots of violence and lots of guns. movies like kill bill, django unchained and gangs of new york,
11:44 pm
all produced by harvey weinstein but the movie mogul declaring war on the nra. >> i don't think we need guns in this country. i hate it and i think the nra is a disaster and i'm going to make a movie. i shouldn't say this but i'll tell it to you, howard. i'm going to make a movie with meryl streep and we're going to take this issue head on and they're going to wish they weren't alive when i'm done with them. >> ted cruz's response. >> the hypocrisy about a rich hollywood producer that lives in a fancy neighborhood with police
11:45 pm
protection, he says he doesn't own a gun but i bet you he has armed security around him. it's the pattern we see in washington. it's a double standard. one rule for thee and one rule for me. >> is he a hypocrite? >> it's blatant and it's so obvious that maybe senator ted cruz and on the record gets results because harvey is going to say tonight on a cable network in an interview that he's no longer going to make movies that glamorize gun violence which is convenient for him after he's made hundreds of millions of dollars. it's obvious that if you are promoting gun violence it doesn't make sense to make a
11:46 pm
movie that takes on gun violence. >> if he does that, that would be fantastic because he's so successful, if he could move the aircraft carrier off, it's so hard to steer these things but that would be amazing if he stopped. >> it would be a higher profile protest than making a movie with meryl streep. i don't think the nra is worried about the film he's going to produce. they've seen michael moore movies that have taken them on
11:47 pm
head on and they've been fine and i think they'll survive this as well. if it's something he feels strongly about that's the way to answer the hypocrisy charge. >> except he's got to not make the nra movie because -- you can't say i'm not going to do violence. he can't make the nra movie. instead he's going to make other movies. do you agree? >> it's a pretty reliable rule of the universe that any time they say they're going to obliterate a movie it doesn't happen. if he wants to change minds and move a movement, he can make a movie about the nra. but to come out and say they're going to wish they're not alive afterwards is ridiculous and doesn't help the income of the film. >> i thought that instead he was going to commit himself to doing family movies for lack of a better word. >> i haven't seen the whole interview. it hasn't even aired. i saw previews and tweets about what he was going to say. i think it's amazing that he actually -- the mask slipped here. hollywood is notorious for having cultural messages and they usually never come out straight forwardly and admit it. >> but it's phony if he's doing it so he can say i'm now the nonviolence guy. >> we'll see how he follows it up. he's got money behind it and high profile people behind him. we'll see what he does. >> panel, thank you. reverend franklin graham just gave us some rather disturbing news. earlier today he sent me pictures of this plane. it was ready to go, a chartered 747 packed with clothes, food and supplies for syrians in iraq. i was so happy that i posted those pictures on gretawire. then a few hours later an e-mail from reverend graham, their
11:48 pm
permit was inexplicably denied. he said bahgdad denied the flight permit. reverend graham says they will try later this month. last month i visited a syrian refugee camp with reverend graham and by the way, he'll be on sean hannity's program 10:00 p.m. you got to watch it. coming up, tell it to the people who can't find jobs. the government's jobs numbers not adding up for americans still trying to find work. you're going to hear from them next.
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it's time to show you what we're watching. we put together a fantastic and helpful video tonight. take a look. in case you are stranded on a desert island and can't find a cork screw in your kitchen. this guy says be careful.
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just use your toothbrush. >> put it in the top here. shove that cork into the bottle. move it down sideways. >> the "on the record" staff is currently trying all these methods in the control room in new york. >> rap stars macklemore and ryan lewis boarding a bus and breaking out into song. it took a minute for the stunned bus riders to realize these were not your typical mass transit performers. the performance was a promo stunt for the grammy awards. this is my favorite, are two dance partners better than one? the answer is of course yes for this instep trio. the threesome remained perfectly in sync with each other without missing a beat.
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talk about a triple threat and that's what we're watching tonight. isn't that great? if you want to see more of the tandem dance routine, go to you may not have shopped at target or neiman marcus but your credit card information may be at risk. there is news that the security breach is spreading to other stores, next. everybody knows that. did you know there is an oldest trick in the book? what? trick number one. look-est over there. ha ha. made-est thou look. so end-eth the trick. hey.... yes.... geico. fifteen minutes
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this is a fox news alert. >> just moments ago, u.n. secretary-general confirming three u.n. workers killed in afghanistan. a suicide bomber blew himself up outside a restaurant. up to 15 foreigners were killed. insurgents claimed responsibility. stay with fox news channel for the latest on this breaking news. >> today, the labor department announcing job openings rose 1.8%. most in five years. that did not translate into real jobs. >> greta, the unemployment rate dropped below 7% first time in years. still more than 10 million americans are out of work. and the unemployment center in the nation's capital to see how
11:56 pm
things are going and how effective government programs are. >> i am laid off right now. >> what were you doing? what job did you lose? >> i was doing construction. before i came here in new york doing forklift teamsters local 676 in jamaica queens. >> you don't think job training assistance is actually beneficial? >> no, not whatsoever. thee people don't help you. they only got a job because i don't got a job. you do the math. >> a waste of taxpayer dollars? >> the waste of the american dream. first they stick you in front of a computer. we need that one-on-one. i need somebody who i can talk to. not a whole bunch of keys. it don't work. it don't. waste off money. >> you may have a person who has over 15 years management, i.t. experience in the same classroom with some one that has just ben released from doing 20 years in prison and has absolutely no i.t. experience and technology in the way that we do business
11:57 pm
today. completely foreign to them. but yet, everyone sitting in the same space and being asked the same questions and given the same information. and from that perspective, i don't, i don't necessarily think that it is as productive as it can be. >> not everyone agrees. paulette is deputy director of work force development in the district of columbia. >> the days of just being able to apply for a job, and walking into an office, and walking into the nearest maybe, grocery store or whether construction site, it is just so much more complicated, sophisticated process. imagine in a job for how many years. technology wasn't a beg paig pa the job. apply for the same job. you have to apply online. we are not fryitrying to connec without asking emg plployers wh
11:58 pm
are the base line skills. >> moeanwhile, congress is battling to extend insurance to people out of work. how hard is it? what is it like? it is hard. it is hard. really is. let congress go on the job hunt. look to see that for them. try to go job hunting. they think it is's. it's hard as -- >> get ready for bill o'reilly. get ready to speed read through the news. barbara bush saying she hopes jeb bush will not run for president in 2016. now the former governor of florida is responding to his mother's remarks in the form of a tweet. what day is mother's day this year. asking for a friend. we don't know if jeb will honor his mother's were or not. stay tuned. >> dozens of people getting sick on a royal caribbean cruise ship. 66 passengers two crew members gifting sick with what is thought the noro virus. the six passengers were given
11:59 pm
medication. the majesty is back at port of miami. royal caribbean says the ship has been sanitized to prevent a future outbreak. >> not just target, neiman marcus, a warning abut credit card data breaches. cybersecurity firm says they have uncovered at least six on going attacks at retalers across the u.s. merchants credit card systems are infected with the software used to steal data from millions of target customers. names of infected stores, haven't been made public not yet. >> prince harry won't be mrigfl helicopters any more. ending duties with the army air corps where he spent three years, serving time in afghanistan. now the young royal taking on a new job, prince harry will work in london as an army staff officer. that means he will be organizing major commemorative events for the army and that is tonight's "speed read." thank you for being with us. see you monday. right here at 7:00 p.m. eastern. right now, you, that's you, go
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to gretawire and answer this question. is harvey winestein a hypocrite or not? vote in our poll. and bill o'reilly is next. good night from washington! tonight on "red eye." >> coming up on "red eye," has the fbi finally found the alcatraz escapees? shocking new evidence suggests they are alive and well living in a volcano. plus how many consecutive high five's did the president demand from joe biden when jarod leto won a golden globe? >> i said let's not settle for 15. let's do 45. >> and is china making a super duck for the run at the olympics? none of these stories on "red eye" tonight. >> and now let's welcome our guests. she is so british her castle lives in a castle. i am here with


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